4. Why hire First in Organizing?

First in Organizing was founded by Shirley Falls.  Shirley is certified by the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers.  She has extensive experience in hands-on organizing, space planning, filing systems, work flow strategies, policy and procedure manuals, and many other activities that fall under the “professional organizer” title. (Click here for more information about Shirley.)

First in Organizing is committed to working with you during each step of the organizing process to achieve practical organization and overall satisfaction.


Benefits for the residential client:

Maximizing the functional use of       available space

Creating order from chaos

Saving money by knowing what you       have and where to find it

Reducing stress and gaining control of       your surroundings

Having more time for the things you       really enjoy

Benefits for the business client:

Meeting important deadlines

Motivating each team member with real       solutions to everyday challenges

Creating streamlined processes

Optimizing workflow to increase       productivity and reduce stress

Creating uncluttered yet functional       spaces

Controlling inventory costs by knowing       where things are stored