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“Shirley tirelessly worked with our clinic to streamline work flow throughout the patient encounter process. She led us in making key decisions for improving patient service and increasing productivity by asking relevant questions and making recommendations. One major area of improvement included a new filing system for our medical records, complete with a retention and destruction policy for those records. Shirley created a digital filing system for the clinic’s administrative records, developed a procedure manual for the front office staff, and wrote a user manual for our billing system. Additionally, she guided the physicians and staff from beginning to end in our efforts to organize the front office, pharmacy, laboratory, procedure area, exam rooms, and storage area. Her questions helped stakeholders make decisions regarding the frequency of use, usability, and purging of items. Shirley was able to contain and consolidate the remaining items, making efficient use of our limited space.”

-  Kevin D. Ludwig, MD         -  Earle E. Morton, MD

    Papua New Guinea