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“Having someone help you rid your life of excess can seem threatening, but Shirley Falls made it easy with her gentle, non-judgmental manner.  She was extremely valuable in helping my husband and I make personal decisions as to what did and did not stay in our pantry and master closet. Shirley was very specific about the organizing tasks to be done and set out a schedule that was clear from the beginning.  Her assessments were precise and her recommendations logical, making the organizing process simple to execute.

Shirley taught us the basic tenants of organization which helped us to accomplish the identified tasks and to continue to organize the rest of our home after she left.  She also provided straightforward instructions on how to maintain our areas.  Being able to easily locate items and to identify the need for restocking is now evident at a glance, saving both time and money!  


The entire process was an overwhelming success.  Shirley is a true professional, highly skilled and perfectly suited to help you organize your home, your office, and your life.  I recommend her highly, without reservation!”

     - Bonnie Furner, M.D., San Antonio, TX