Become the CEO of Your Household – Part Three: Organizing Systems

You may have been asking yourself, “When the heck is Part Three of this series coming!” I had every intention of writing Part Three the month after posting Part Two. However, my life took a sharp turn that month and I found myself dealing more urgent matters. No matter how well you have planned your… Read more »

Become the CEO of Your Household – Part Two: Daily Operations

Household CEOs are leaders in finance, cooking, transportation, entertainment, training, encouraging, healthcare, childcare, housekeeping, lawn care, emergency management, scheduling calendars, and the list goes on and on. Balancing it all is quite the chore. In Part One of Becoming the CEO of Your Household, I discussed how to create a mission statement and goals for… Read more »

Become the CEO of Your Household – Part One: Making a Family Plan

Businesses begin with a vision. Their core values are intertwined throughout their vision. These cores values, along with their vision, help to define their mission and ultimately their business plan. The CEO of a company manages the overall operations and resources of the company and is the main point of communication with the board of… Read more »

The Success of New Year’s Resolutions

  January is Get Organized & Be Productive (GO) Month, an annual initiative sponsored by the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professional (NAPO). January is the time that most people reflect on what changes they believe need to be made in their life. Most Americans focus on self-improvement. Inc. Magazine has reported the top… Read more »

Gift Giving – Possessions vs. Experiences

In my first post I mentioned how living in Papua New Guinea (PNG) was vastly different from living in the USA. Those differences were also seen in how we celebrated the holidays. Everything was much simpler in PNG! Most gifts were made by hand, useful for daily living, and didn’t cost much money. Our decorations were dependent… Read more »

Welcome to my world of productivity and organizing!

Organizing and planning have always been a part of my life. Such traits were beneficial in my early career as a medical technologist working in hospital laboratories and continued to support me while receiving a master’s degree in Health Care Administration. Organization and time management certainly helped my physician practice management career, in both private… Read more »