Business Operation Organizational & Productivity Solutions

Consultations – A consultant is one who objectively helps a business implement change in order to improve performance and efficiency.  Shirley is committed to taking the required time to get to know your business, to identify problems and opportunities, to analyze the findings, to provide and implement agreed-upon solutions, and to track the outcome.  Her approach is patient, non-judgmental, and considerate of each client’s situation.

Productivity Coach – Mental and physical clutter impedes productivity.  Shirley can help you remove the chaos and find the tools and skills needed to move you to a new way of life.  A sense of accomplishment will bring you joy, remove bad habits, and help you flourish in business.

Time Management – There is a finite amount of time.  You cannot add more time to your day.  So, how are you going to spend the hours available to you?  Frustration results when you commit to too many activities, when you waste time on unnecessary tasks, or when you procrastinate.  Shirley can help you develop a plan, set and prioritize goals, and control where your time goes.

Setting Priorities – Do you find yourself or your employees juggling projects and struggling to meet important deadlines?  Shirley will help you identify resources and organizational processes that will enable you to meet work priorities and commitments.

Problem Solving – Are you constantly putting out fires?  Shirley loves a challenge! One of her greatest strengths is the ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems.  The key is to identify the core problem and find effective solutions, rather than treating the symptoms.  Empower yourself and your team with real solutions to everyday challenges.

Workflow Strategies – Developing effective and efficient strategies for workflow can help you lower your cost and increase revenue in your business.  The process includes assessing current operations to discover your needs, identifying and implementing comprehensive strategies, measuring the outcome, and building continued improvements.  In addition, Shirley can develop written policies and procedures and train employees on new processes.