Organizing Package Pricing

There are important factors to consider when determining if the value of a service exceeds the cost. First in Organizing (FIO) knows what it takes to help a client achieve success. When you hire Shirley, you are hiring a professional with experience, empathy, and confidence.

Business Clients

Due to the varying nature of business clients, a conversation between FIO and a potential business client is needed. Contact First in Organizing to discuss opportunities for daily, project, or retainer alternatives.

Residential Clients

  • Consultations: Getting to know the potential residential client before the first organizing session is important. Phone (30 minutes) or on-site (60 minutes) consultations allow both parties to understand the needs of the client and the available services provided by FIO.
  • Organizing: Hands-on organizing, email, and phone call support are all part of the organizing project.
  • Shopping: FIO is available to shop for your organizing products.
  • Maintenance: FIO is available to develop and provide maintenance programs.

FIO offers several pricing options to residential clients. You can pay by the hour¹ or select one of the following packages² based on your needs.