Residential Room Organization Services

Room Organizing – Whether you need one room or the whole home organized, First in Organizing is committed to helping you gain control over your space in order to have more time to do what you really love doing!  Spending less time finding missing items not only reduces stress, but also allows more precious moments to spend with family and friends.  The results can be transforming for a dedicated client that is ready for change.

Space Planning – Maximize the functional use of available space by creating zones of activities.  This could be anything from a game area in the living space to a food prep area in the kitchen.

Clutter Control – Create order from chaos • Purge items no longer used • Have a home for everything • Gain control of your surroundings.

Unpacking – Moving!  It is a 6-letter word with lots of activities!  Shirley can provide a team to unpack the boxes and get you organized in your new home.  The quicker you are settled, the less time you will spend living in an unorganized space searching for your belongings.  We will set up your kitchen, organize your closet, make your bed, plug in your lamp, or whatever you need to resume your life.

Productivity – Shirley will help you identify and use resources that will enable you to run your home smoothly.

Coaching – Shirley can motivate and encourage you to make good decisions, accomplish your goals, and develop the skills needed to maintain your new organizing processes.  She will listen to you and work with you to develop a plan of action unique to your needs.

Maintenance – Organizing is not always a one time activity. Follow-up visits or phones calls may help a client maintain success. First in Organizing offers a maintenance program to help keep your rooms organized, to switch seasonal clothing, to maintain your filing system, etc.