Welcome to my world of productivity and organizing!

Organizing and planning have always been a part of my life. Such traits were beneficial in my early career as a medical technologist working in hospital laboratories and continued to support me while receiving a master’s degree in Health Care Administration. Organization and time management certainly helped my physician practice management career, in both private and academic sectors, progress from administrator to director to vice president.

Then something life-altering happened! I left the American corporate world and entered the Land of the Unexpected, Papua New Guinea. The natural beauty of this country is beyond words and my two plus years living there is unforgettable. Papua New Guineans lives in the midst of contradictions where the primitive past meets the 21st century. Men who still hunt with spears most likely have a cell phone. Their thatched huts sit beside satellite towers.  They use pots and pans to cook over open fires. They wash their western clothes in the river. I learned the importance of creativity and flexibility while working in a medical mission clinic located in the remote highlands of this amazing county!

I thought I would return to healthcare when coming back to the USA but so much of me had changed. I decided to use my gifts, skills, education, and experience to help others profit from a productive and organized life. My business, First in Organizing, was opened in January of 2013.

I hope the readers of “Timely Tips” will benefit from this passion of mine to assist households and businesses with solutions to obtain and maintain productivity and organization in their lives.  If you are a busy mom trying to make the most of each day, a senior who is downsizing and simplifying your life, or a business professional who needs to meet multiple deadlines; you will find a tip for you. These monthly tips will be designed to help you gain control and have more time to do what you really love doing!

And, be sure to leave your comments! You may have a “Timely Tip” of your own to share!!

Shirley Falls